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Discover our wildlife in a mosaic of coastal habitats -  shingle, saltmarsh, saline lagoons, coastal grazing marsh, freshwater  gravel pits and reedbeds. Explore its changing coastline and military  history, or simply enjoy a walk beside the sea.
One of the most important conservation sites on the Sussex coast,  Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has been recognised as a Site of Special  Scientific Interest, a Special Protection Area for birds under the EU  Birds Directive, a Special Area of Conservation under the EU Habitats  Directive and a Ramsar site that takes account of its importance as a  wetland on an international scale
The nature reserve was established in 1970 and is a partnership led  by Sussex Wildlife Trust and includes the Environment Agency, the  Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and private landowners. The site  management is undertaken by the Sussex Wildlife Trust staff and a  dedicated team of volunteers from the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature  Reserve.
There are many miles of path with 5 birdwatching hides accessible to wheelchairs.
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